Transway, Inc. is a Holland, Mich. based carrier operating 55 trucks. The company offers dedicated flatbed services throughout the Midwest and Sunbelt states. As a smaller fleet, Transway prioritizes its drivers, ensuring they have a positive experience to retain its team.


A Transway driver was making his usual route, stopping to fuel up at a Pilot Flying J outside of Indianapolis. When he tried to pay, his fuel card was no longer working. He called Transway’s dispatch only to learn the card had been shut off due to fraudulent purchases made in Houston – a city he never traveled to.

Fraud was wreaking havoc on operations. We routinely had stranded drivers who couldn’t get back on the road, and we had to figure out how to get them a new card. We were forced to send colleagues in a car to meet trucks with a working credit card, which was inefficient and costly.
Amanda Corlew, HR and Safety Manager

Unfortunately this wasn’t an isolated incident. Transway’s HR and safety manager, Amanda Corlew, dealt with the same situation 20 times over the course of several months, leading to annoyed drivers, administrative headaches, and delayed routes. Not only was fuel card skimming taking up all of Amanda’s time, it was costing the company a lot of money – $1,500 with every instance of fraud.

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After months of dealing with fraud caused by card skimming, Transway was eager to implement Relay’s app-based digital payments. Because Relay is accepted at more than 1,500 truck stops nationwide, including 800+ Pilot Company locations, Transway’s drivers can use Relay to purchase diesel and DEF along their routes. Eliminating a physical fuel card meant skimming was no longer a threat. Transway was also able to retain its same discounts and direct billing arrangements, making it easy for their accounting teams to manage cash flow.

As soon as we started using Relay, we stopped dealing with fraud. We went from dealing with several instances per month to zero.
Amanda Corlew, HR and Safety Manager


Transway estimated each instance of fraud costs the company $1,500 due to the disruption in operations caused by stranded drivers. They faced 20 cases of fraud over the course of just a few months, resulting in a total loss of $30,000. When they switched to Relay, fuel fraud was no longer a problem, saving the company time and money.

We’ve been extremely pleased with Relay. We’re saving thousands of dollars, our drivers are happier, and we all have peace of mind knowing we no longer have to deal with fuel fraud.
Amanda Corlew, HR and Safety Manager

With strict security controls and geolocation technology the Transway team now have peace of mind when drivers are refueling. And an added bonus, Transway’s drivers appreciated using modern technology to pay for fuel, stating it made fueling up a much better experience.


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