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Based in Franklin Park, Illinois, Pure Freight Lines are a family-owned transportation company operating a fleet of more than 150 trucks. In addition to a range of trucking and logistics services, the company also specializes in truck sales and leasing. With more than 50 years of transportation expertise, Pure prioritizes strong relationships with drivers, partners, and customers.


Increasing incidents of fuel card fraud were costing Pure between $10,000 and $15,000 every month, plus additional losses in the time spent dealing with each issue, eroding confidence of drivers, and mounting frustration among staff. Each time a fuel card was skimmed, used fraudulently, and canceled, it set off a nightmare routine of investigating the fraud and trying to recover losses, while simultaneously obtaining replacement cards and getting them out to drivers. 

We were getting hit by fuel card fraud monthly, weekly, and instates drivers are nowhere near. It takes a lot of hours and manpower to oversee all that, and the unexpected extra expenses can be detrimental. One of the biggest issues is that you lose the trust and transparency with your drivers, your owner operators, and with your customers. It affects your business as a whole because you're not able to perform to your potential.
Milo Dubak, CEO and Founding Partner, 
Pure Freight Lines

With driver retention a common challenge in the industry, Pure was growing increasingly concerned about their drivers’ frustration with the fallout from fraud. While waiting for a new fuel card, drivers had to find other ways to pay for fuel and get reimbursed, which only added to the problem. Pure needed to provide a more efficient and secure way to purchase fuel.

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Pure already used Relay Payments for faster and more secure lumper payments, and the team were eager to leverage Relay’s technology to solve their issues with diesel fuel fraud. By eliminating physical fuel cards, Pure could eliminate the risk of card skimming and avoid future fraud incidents.

We’ve invested in more robust security measures and technologies such as Relay to guard against fuel card skimming and other fraudulent activities, to restore trust with our drivers and protect our operations.
Milo Dubak, CEO and Founding Partner, Pure Freight Lines

Because Relay is accepted at more than 1,500 truck stops nationwide, including more than 800 Pilot and FlyingJ locations, Pure’s drivers are able to pay for fuel swiftly and securely anywhere along their routes. The switch to digital fuel payments also aligned with Pure’s strategy to modernize the business by adopting innovative technologies to boost efficiency and profitability.


Since implementing Relay across its fleet of more than 150 trucks,
Pure has eliminated fuel card fraud entirely, saving tens of thousands of dollars each month. Drivers are confident they’ll be able to refuel when needed and are able to conduct over-the-road business right from their phone, saving additional time and money.

Working with Relay and Amous, we’ve come to a better solution. At this point we’ve had zero fraud issues, and I expect it to continue that way. It’s making everything a lot better.
Milo Dubak, CEO and Founding Partner, Pure Freight Lines

Relay fuel payments have freed up office staff to focus on the day-to-day management of accounting, payroll, safety and more, rather than responding to fraud incidents. Also, Pure gained the ability to see payments and expenses happening in real time across its fleet, which lets the team not only plan ahead more accurately, but also actively monitor consumption, which can alert them to issues with a truck, maintenance needs, and more.

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