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We connect freight brokers, carriers, owner operators and merchants on a single payment network, cutting out the middleman and manual processes that impact earning potential for all parties.

Get Discounted Fuel

Take advantage of Relay's negotiated discounts and save money at the pump throughout our merchant partner network.

No hidden fees
Convenient locations
Quick transactions
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Secure and Pay for Parking

Use the Relay app to find parking spaces throughout our nationwide network and reserve your spots with a single click via RelayPay.

Quickly find available spots
Reserve and pay
Touch-less gate access
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Instant Lumper Payments

Fast cash-free unloading that saves you money, gets you off the dock faster, and ensures reimbursement.

Ditch those fleet checks
Save more than 30 minutes on dock
No more lost receipts
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Centralize OTR Payments

Track and control your over-the-road payments and receipts in one one place.

Pay for parking, tolls, repairs, truck washes, and more
Easy payments from your phone
Capture and track receipts in one place
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