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Ditch the delays and keep customers and carriers happy with the all-in-one Relay platform for instant freight and OTR payments, automated accounting, exclusive savings and more.
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Solutions For Freight Brokers
Carrier Payments

Improve carrier onboarding, easily manage electronic invoicing, and compensate carriers with fast, flexible and competitive payments.

Fuel Payments

Help your carriers take advantage of Relay's digital fuel payments that expedite purchases and reduce fuel fraud.

Quick Pay

Automate carrier and factor payments, offer flexible payment terms, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative burdens with RelayDirect.

Warehouse Unloading

Reduce detention times for your carriers with instant payments and receipts that eliminate the need for fleet checks and late night phone calls.

transactions every single month
Powering a network of

carriers and drivers
Working with
midsize carriers and owner-operators
Secure And Stress Free

A better way to do business

Send the old way trucking. Get Relay today for instant, fraud-free payments, automated internal operations, improved carrier relations and more money in your pocket.

Safe and Instant OTR Payments
Relay's merchant network and payment technology help you improve profits, security and customer loyalty.
Carrier payments
Centralize freight payments
Improve carrier relations and build loyalty by offering fast payments and favorable QuickPay terms using RelayDirect. Easily manage your customer accounts, negotiate contracts and create a priority program to encourage repeat business.
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Fuel Payments
Secure fuel payments
Tap into Relay's merchant network to help carriers locate and securely pay for diesel along their routes. With Relay, freight brokers can provide their carriers with RelayCodes for fuel while ensuring automated payment tracking, reporting, and fraud protection.
Warehouse Unloading
Reduce dwell time
Preauthorize lumper payments to get trucks unloaded fast and get your carriers back on the road. With Relay's instant payments, your carriers avoid middle-of-the-night phone calls to authorize unloading payments, reduce reliance on fleet checks and ensure reimbursement through digital receipts.
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Scales Payments
Seamless in-app payments

Help carriers move quickly and efficiently through scales across the country by adding a Relay account to the Weigh My Truck app from CAT Scale. Drivers can make payments directly from the app, while you gain better visibility of costs.

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Parking Reservations
Access safe and secure parking
Find parking and storage for your drivers and assets. Relay's brokerage team can help you secure long-term parking reservations, while our GPS-enabled app helps your drivers instantly locate, reserve and pay for parking along their route.
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Coyote Logistics
"Relay improved the carrier experience and increased profit margins through guaranteed reimbursements."

—Angela Nannenhorn

Why Brokers Use Relay

Reduce fraud and secure audit trails

Digital payments and document tracking ensure better audit trails and fraud protection across the journey of freight.

Automate back-office processes

Relay takes on the back-office burden of automating repeatable and costly accounts-payable tasks for brokers.

Increase revenue and jumpstart growth

Relay modernizes freight payments, OTR expenses, and document capture, allowing brokers to better engage our network of drivers, carriers and merchants.

Promote carrier loyalty

Our flexible payment solutions enable brokers to set and easily manage payment terms for their carriers, while incentivizing repeat business and loyalty.

Replace outdated payment methods

Eliminate the lengthy payment delays and outdated payment methods that reduce efficiency, earning potential and carrier loyalty.

24/7 U.S.-based Customer Service

Our teams answer the phone, usually within 30-seconds, 24/7/365. No more waiting for unhelpful service from the other guys.

There's peace of mind for us, knowing there's not a fuel card that's going to be skimmed. They're not going to lose their card. They're not going to misplace their card. They always have the app on their phone and we can see everything that they're doing in real time."
Amanda Corlew, TransWay, Inc
Relay has given me hours back that used to be spent hunting things down and searching for different invoices. I am very thankful for our partnership.
John Russi, Holman Logistics
There were plenty of sleepless nights before Relay started offering us solutions to pay our customers faster.
Martin Daigeau, MGM Freight Logistics

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