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RelayGo is all about making life easier for drivers

St. Patrick’s Day brings all sorts of images of leprechauns and a fabled pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. For trucking companies and drivers, St. Patty’s Day this year brings the launch of a new product designed specifically for them to save both money and time. And that’s no myth.

For carriers, RelayGo is an expense management technology that simplifies reimbursement and reconciliation. For drivers, the RelayGo card is a fast and secure means of making over-the-road payments. No more making phone calls to dispatch in the wee morning hours for a reimbursement code, all the while waiting in the dark, wishing for a better way to pay.

The development and launch of RelayGo is entirely in keeping with Relay’s purpose, dating to the company’s founding all the way back in 2019: To make life easier for drivers. That simple statement drives Relay’s continuing strategy of investing in the development of new technologies to better serve truck drivers.

Relay’s latest technology comes in the new RelayGo mobile app which features GPS-enabled discoverability. Meaning that drivers can use the app to quickly and easily find and book parking, or find a repair shop or other services just where they need them on the road.

“Our mission is to deliver outsized value to the underserved industries of logistics and trucking,” says Relay Payments co-founder Ryan Droege. “Driving a truck professionally is one of the toughest jobs in America, and one of the most important. The ongoing supply chain problems and retail shortages are further proof of how important truck drivers are to our economy. Whatever we can do to make that job a little easier will be well worth it.” 

Truck drivers have always had to manage with “clunky payment processes” that often slow them down, Ryan says. “If they’re fooling around for 45 minutes getting a check processed, that’s money out of a driver’s pocket. How much better to have a pre-authorized expense card and mobile app to save time and aggravation on the road?”  

If you want to learn more about how RelayGo can help keep you moving, click here or call (877) 382-3424.