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HOF Nominee Spotlight: The Seasoned Pros

As we read through the stacks of nominations coming in for this year’s Haul of Fame competition, we can’t help but be impressed by the passion and commitment demonstrated by truck drivers all over the country. Be sure to get your nominations in before the window closes June 30, so we’re sure to consider your superstar driver for this year’s grand prize.

This month, we’re highlighting three seasoned pros of the trucking world: Drivers who have spent more than 40 years moving goods across the US. These individuals have dedicated their lives to trucking and each day put themselves on the line in order to get the job done. 

Kirk Phillips

Kirk Phillips has devoted his entire driving career to Johnsonville Trucking, amassing over 3.1 million miles of safe, accident-free, injury-free, and violation-free driving. For 25 consecutive years, he has been a proud member of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers President's Safe Driver's Club. Beyond his impressive safety record, Kirk has been instrumental in establishing fleet safety guidelines and serves as a mentor and driver trainer for the company. His dedication extends to special projects, including driving and maintaining the Big Taste Grill truck and trailer, which participates in various events such as disaster relief efforts. Kirk's commitment to safety and his willingness to help those in need make him a standout in the industry.

“I love driving trucks. I feel a sense of pride and ownership being able to safely deliver freight to our customers. I enjoy the sense of community with the fellow members who have been in the trucking industry. I have been driving a truck a long time, I still love it, and have been able to meet many interesting people and build quality friendships with them along the way.” 

David Blankenship

David Blankenship's passion for trucking began at the age of seven and was inspired by his father, who was also a trucker. Beyond driving, David’s enthusiasm for all things trucking is evident in his diverse activities: Working on trucks, showing them, racing them, and participating in competitive pulling. David is not only a skilled mechanic but also a compassionate individual who puts other drivers' well-being before his own. His trucks have been featured on event T-shirts and in Large Car Magazine, showcasing his dedication and love for the industry. With his extensive experience and generous spirit, David continues to inspire and support his fellow truckers.

“David is a true truck enthusiast from working them, showing them and racing them. He puts other drivers and their well being before his own. He is fair and giving to those in need.”

Kevin Worley

Kevin Worley embodies the essence of a professional driver. Known for his punctuality, meticulous care of his equipment, and unwavering commitment to safety, Kevin has been driving trucks for 48 years. His journey began with a passion ignited by family road trips and was solidified by a truck driving school in Syracuse, NY. From hauling automobiles to navigating interstates and backroads for LTL deliveries, Kevin has covered nearly every corner of the country. Despite the challenges of modern traffic, he remains enthusiastic about his work and cherishes the friendships and memories he has made along the way. Kevin's lifelong dedication to trucking is a testament to his passion and professionalism.

“I’ve been over the road now for 48 years next month, and I’ve covered just about every square mile of interstates and a lot of backroads doing LTL deliveries. I guess I was made to do this job. I’m still loving what I do and have made hundreds of friends in this industry and also a lot of memories.” 

Celebrating excellence in trucking

These nominees for the Haul of Fame represent the highest standards of dedication and professionalism in the trucking industry. Kirk Phillips, David Blankenship, and Kevin Worley have each contributed over four decades of exceptional service, inspiring their peers and setting benchmarks for future generations of truck drivers. We’re honored to include these outstanding individuals in our Haul of Fame nominees for 2024. Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight more incredible nominees in our journey to celebrate the heroes of the road.

The Relay Haul of Fame 2024 recognizes drivers who have enhanced the image of trucking, had a positive impact on the industry, and served their community. Sound like someone you know? Nominate them today for the 2024 Haul of Fame.