Big Tenn Trucking uses Relay Payments to manage OTR reciepts.
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Customer spotlight: Big Tenn Trucking

Founded by husband-and-wife duo, José and Nina Cruz, Big Tenn Trucking has been hauling household goods across state lines since 2017. With 15 trucks and a small-but-mighty staff, efficiency is key to keeping daily operations running smoothly and getting drivers back on the road fast.

“The initial problems before using Relay were the inability to keep track of receipts, the inconvenience of making phone calls every time a lumper was needed, and having to have employees use the company card or be reimbursed if they had unexpected purchases.”
- Cara Hillis, Big Tenn Office Manager

Big Tenn’s pain points are not novel to an industry known for its antiquated payment systems, chronic delays, and inconvenient reimbursements. For owners and operators, time is money, and the need for speedy processes is imperative.

Relay is changing the payments game by centralizing all of the moving parts into one convenient place—the palm of your hand. While many emerging apps and payment platforms offer digital transaction solutions, they often come with limitations. In addition to instant digital transactions, the Relay mobile app also allows drivers to locate fuel discounts and available parking along their route using GPS-enabled maps.

“Relay solved our problems by keeping everything in one place, helping to keep track of receipts and transactions, helping employees pay for many unexpected expenses, and saving money.”

Now accepted by more than 90% of merchants in the U.S. and used by over 270,000 carriers and drivers, Relay is quickly becoming the go-to solution for simple, secure over-the-road payments and processes.

“We love Relay and would 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone in the trucking industry.” - Big Tenn Trucking Team

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