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Top 4 tips for finding diesel discounts in 2023

There is no way around it — fuel costs are high with diesel prices still topping $5.00 or more per gallon as 2022 closes out. To keep costs as low as possible in a volatile fuel market, drivers and carriers must keep a close eye on their fuel costs and leverage diesel discounts as often as possible.

We’ve listed the top 4 ways to save at the pump so that you can maximize your fleet’s funds.

  1. 1. Know the net price of fuel

Finding the cheapest price for fuel goes beyond finding the cheapest dollar amount on a marquee. When it comes to truly saving at the pump, drivers are tasked with determining what’s called the net price of fuel.

Think of it this way: If Joe’s Truck Stop sells fuel for $5.00 per gallon and offers a 25-cent discount, but Mike’s Truck Stop sells fuel for $4.85, with a 15-cent discount, you will pay less at Mike's, despite the smaller diesel discount amount.

Simply put, securing the best possible prices requires a little bit of math along the way. With the Relay mobile app, however, we do the hard work for you. By calculating the net prices of fuel and providing comprehensive price comparisons for surrounding locations, drivers have all of the cost-saving information they need right at their fingertips.

  1. 2. Keep track of your fleet fuel cards

Fleet fuel cards can provide diesel discounts for drivers as well as savings when used at certain fuel stations and truck stops. Drivers generally enjoy the convenience of credit card-like transactions paired with loyalty discounts, but there are some things to look out for.

  • Excess fuel cards: With multiple fuel cards for truckers for you to juggle at one time, it’s easy to lose track of which cards offer which savings—regular card inventory is necessary to make sure you aren’t missing out on the best diesel discounts available to you.
  • Hidden fees: Many trucker fuel cards come with hefty hidden fees, which can take away from a driver’s actual savings.
  • Fraud risk: With skimming fraud rampant and on the rise, fleet fuel cards remain at risk of being compromised and costing a business or driver thousands. As a result, more and more drivers today are switching to digital trucking payments for a fraud-free payment solution with the same dollar-saving discounts built in.

3. Avoid fuel detours

The frustration of having to use fuel to find fuel is one drivers know well. Discounted diesel is the name of the game, but when it’s an hour outside of your route and eating into your total drive time, many are left wondering whether or not it’s actually worth it.

The best way to maximize your diesel dollars is to avoid costly detours and, instead, pre-map your fuel stops along the way. With a GPS-driven system, the Relay app provides an instant view of every station along your route, their exclusive Relay diesel discounts, and how they compare to other locations, allowing you to quickly find the best on-route diesel, for the best price from the palm of your hand.

4. Use an app

Saving on fuel doesn’t have to be difficult. With a variety of fuel-finding apps available, drivers are now able to simplify the process and ensure that they are always on-route to the most affordable fuel options.

With the Relay mobile app, not only are you able to instantly map the best on-route fuel discounts, but we worked alongside our driver community to go the extra mile with additional features like our secure parking finder, net-price reporting, exclusive card-free discounts, digital receipts with automated tracking, fraud-free payment codes for OTR needs, and more. Relay helps you get the job done without slowing things down.

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