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VIDEO: How Relay is the Venmo for trucking

Relay CEO Ryan Droege explains how the company is the ‘Venmo for carriers and brokers’ on Freightwaves What The Truck podcast

Relay Payments co-founder and CEO Ryan Droege joined Dooner and The Dude on Freightwaves’ What The Truck podcast in January 2021 to talk about what’s in store for Relay Payments following its recent $43 million funding announcement.

Droege, an Atlanta entrepreneur dedicated to automating lumper payments by building an instant, electronic solution for the logistics industry, explains how Relay is transforming an industry still reliant on cash and checks.

Relay Payments is experiencing tremendous growth. With the recent funding, the company is investing in product development, expanding its remote workforce, and looking to acquire a new company headquarters in Atlanta.

Click below to listen to the 10 minute interview.

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