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The Lesser Known Benefits of a Fuel Payments App

Like many aspects of the global logistics industry, technology continues to reshape the landscape of trucking for drivers, carriers and the merchants who help keep them moving. Fuel payment apps are one digital innovation that has truly changed how truck drivers manage key elements of their time on the road – yet many drivers have yet to unlock all the features these apps have to offer.

The benefits we know

Diesel fuel apps have become some of the most useful tools truck drivers have at their disposal. Designed to make life easier on the road, these apps help simplify the process of finding nearby fuel locations, comparing diesel prices, and making secure fuel payments. More advanced apps like Relay’s go a step further to help you find overnight truck parking, speed up lumper payments, and more.

Of course, the best fuel app is the one you can rely on, but there are some key features to look for in a fuel payments app:

  • Fuel Price Comparison: A good fuel payments app will show you accurate real-time fuel prices at nearby stations, as well as locations along your planned routes. The ability to see prices and discounts on the go can lead to significant fuel savings. 
  • GPS-Enabled Maps: It’s not much help knowing what different fuel stops are charging if you can’t accurately see where they are. Look for a fuel app that has a GPS-enabled map to help you easily navigate to the stations of your choice. 
  • Payment Options: Today’s best diesel apps offer secure payment options that let you pay for fuel directly through the app. For example, Relay Payments lets you use instant, fraud-free digital payments directly at the pump for maximum convenience.
  • OTR Features: Some apps offer additional features to help with various over-the-road tasks, like finding truck parking spaces or paying lumper fees. When all these features work together, they can save you considerable time and resources.


And 3 surprise features you should know

While mobile app technology may be comparatively new for the trucking industry, the apps are well advanced. In addition to the well-known features drivers use every day like the ones listed above, today’s fuel payments apps offer additional benefits to help streamline journeys and optimize the back-office tasks that keep trucks moving. Three of our favorites include:

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Fleet management systems have matured considerably over the years, giving carriers greater visibility and control over their fleet’s activity and locations. The real-time tracking and reporting capabilities of fuel payment apps can play a crucial role in optimizing TMS use. Integrating the tracking capabilities of your TMS and your fuel payments app simplifies the process and consolidates information in one place.

Imagine being able to monitor your fleet's fuel consumption, track the routes taken, and even receive alerts for unexpected delays, all on a smartphone. These real-time insights enable carriers and owner-operators to make informed decisions on the fly, optimizing routes and ensuring timely deliveries. Additionally, the ability to generate reports directly from the app can simplify administrative tasks and save precious time and resources.

Unlocking additional discounts

Optimizing diesel costs is a must for anyone in the trucking business. As fuel prices today can fluctuate considerably, finding ways to cut costs becomes paramount. While all truckers know fuel payment apps help streamline payment processes and provide location-based information, they often miss out on one of the app's hidden gems: the ability to access additional discounts.

With a fuel payments app, you're not limited to the price at the pump – or necessarily the price shown on the map. In addition to enabling your pre-negotiated deals with fuel providers, advanced fuel apps like Relay offer additional exclusive discounts to users. These app-specific deals can lead to substantial savings over time, making the use of a fuel app not just convenient, but also financially savvy.

Instant enablement

Good riddance to the days of back-office workers going to the ends of the Earth (sometimes literally) to get physical payment cards into the hands of drivers. With digital fuel payment apps like Relay’s, carriers can get drivers set up and authorized in minutes – wherever they are.

The driver downloads the app to their phone, while carriers or owners easily add the driver information and payments authorizations from the office. They can set spending limits and other controls and policies across the fleet in a matter of minutes, not weeks. No more replacing lost or compromised cards, tracking receipts to reimburse drivers, calling to get fuel cards unlocked, or dealing with the fallout of card-skimming or duplicates. These fuel payments apps let you authorize and go.

Explore app features for maximum efficiency

While the primary functions of a fuel payments app are well known – and plenty to make using one worthwhile – the lesser-known benefits have the potential to transform how carriers and owner-operators manage their businesses. Beyond the basics of comparing prices and making payments, these apps can be instrumental in unlocking additional discounts, providing real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, and offering instant, secure payment methods for drivers. 

As the trucking industry continues to embrace digital advantages, it's important to explore all the tools at your disposal. The next time you’re heading for a pump, remember your fuel app is likely more than just a payment method. You could be holding a multifaceted solution that can enhance your business operations in ways you might not have considered – all in the palm of your hand.