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Just what the broker ordered

How Relay is supporting one fast-growing startup

MGM Freight Logistics co-founder Martin Daigeau has a long record of career success. In 2016, the former AT&T project manager hit the road, for the first time, in his 2013 Volvo rig. Driving not only enabled him to earn a good living but gained him credit from shippers for turning around their local freight lanes. “I’d started out doing port work regionally,” he says, “but after I got my own authority, demand was strong enough for me that I could drive strictly local.”

He’d also hauled his share of loads from brokerages. In 2019, his consistent performance caught the eye of a seasoned broker, who saw in Martin the potential to be a first-rate partner. Today, as co-owners in the MGM brokerage, says Martin, “My partner works with shippers, and I work with drivers.

“Anyone who’s ever been in trucking — and especially the brokerage business — can tell you: It’s all about relationships. Particularly your relationships with drivers. Treat them right, and they’ll come back to you. For me, it’s more than that. I want to help my drivers succeed. That’s where Relay has been a huge blessing for us.”

Relationships are great. But in trucking, cash flow is king.

Martin was a Relay fan long before he became a broker, “but with the new payment solution, I’m not just a fan, I’m practically a business partner.” (More on that partnership shortly.) 

“What makes starting a brokerage so difficult is that most shippers pay in 30 days, sometimes later. But a lot of drivers need to be paid within a couple of days — so they can buy fuel and whatever else they need to move to the next load. Well, when you’ve just started a brokerage, factoring companies won’t bankroll your cash flow. So I was covering the spread on payments out of my own personal savings.

“Fortunately, between my career earnings and investments, I’d managed to save a lot over the years. But it still put a significant strain on my bank account, not to mention my peace of mind. There were plenty of sleepless nights before Relay started offering us solutions to pay our customers faster.”

An invaluable driver recruiting tool

“Setting-up Relay was so easy, and it works seamlessly with my mobile TMS. Once I get an invoice with proof of delivery from a carrier, I just log into the TMS — and with a few taps, I can mark a job complete and set it for payment on the terms we’ve agreed.

“Since we started using Relay for Brokers, recruiting new drivers has been so much easier, because they don’t have to worry about getting paid — and that’s a legitimate concern when you’re working with a young brokerage firm like ours. Now, when we’re talking with new drivers, we don’t wait for them to ask us about that. It’s something we use as a selling tool.”

An equally valuable driver retention tool

“Relay has also been great for building driver loyalty. We were already a preferred broker among a lot of drivers because we treat them right. With Relay, we can compete with brokerages of any size — and, unlike the big companies, we actually know our drivers by name!”

Partners in development

“When I first talked with Relay about using their technology, they were completely honest with me about where it was in the development process: Ready to use, but far from finished. That’s when they began treating me like a partner. Whenever I have an idea or a suggestion, I can call my rep directly  — and you know what? He actually listens to me. And sure enough, they’ve used a lot of my ideas to make the product better.”

“Martin’s a great customer,” says Relay Account Executive Sean Franklin, a veteran of the brokerage business himself. “He’s the kind of businessman you want to partner with when you’re bringing a new product to the market. The feedback he’s given us has been crucial for building a truly successful product. He gets this business. He understands trucking. He knows it like the back of his hand.”

You might also say Martin knows driver loyalty like the palm of his hand — which is where he holds the mobile device he’s using to grow his brokerage every day, thanks to the Relay app.

To learn more about how Relay Payments is helping brokerages of all sizes build, and strengthen operational efficiencies — while increasing driver loyalty — contact Relay Account Executive Sean Franklin: 913-333-9355 |