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How do we make every week Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Every year, we dedicate a week to pay homage to professional truck drivers and their importance in keeping America moving. This year, the recognition seems particularly important as we observe the critical role truckers have played - and are playing - amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So, when you consider the critical role truck drivers play in delivering supplies across the country, shouldn’t every week be considered truck driver appreciation week? In reality, we can’t thank these road warriors enough.

Here are few ways that you can show drivers appreciation all year long.

Host a giveaway
If you’re a fleet manager or trucking industry company, hosting a giveaway is a great way to engage drivers, have some fun and provide them with the chance to win some swag.  Giving away products they actually need in their vehicles is one idea that never fails. Check out our truck driver appreciation giveaway, where drivers can win a bunch of gear that will seriously elevate their truck interior.

Give a gift
The gift of giving never goes unnoticed and it demonstrates you understand a driver's struggles of the daily grind. Next time you’re at a truck stop, consider paying for a meal or a coffee for the driver. Or simply give them a gift card so that they can save it for their next break. Care package deliveries with treats and goodies at the truck stop or warehouse are also much appreciated. Either way, it’s a nice way to show your appreciation, and there’s no way a gesture like that won’t bring a smile to their face.

Be courteous on the road
Driving a commercial vehicle is not easy, so when you are courteous on the road, you are symbolically respectful and thankful to professional drivers.  Make way for a truck to merge into your lane and don’t cut in front of them. A simple wave can make a driver’s day. It’s all about being an ally and showing truckers you appreciate them - all from your own driver’s seat!  

Social shoutout
While on the road, many truck drivers stay updated and entertained on social media - including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok - so it’s fairly easy to show truck drivers a little appreciation with a social media post. Make sure you use the hashtag #NTDAW2021. 

Free truck wash
For a trucker, the truck and the truck cab is their home away from home, so it’s important to keep it tidy and clean for their own comfort. If you’re a fleet manager, a great way to show appreciation is to offer your driver a free truck wash.

Support a charity
Many people don’t associate truckers with nonprofits, but several organizations support truck drivers when times are hard. To show your appreciation beyond National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we encourage you to donate to a truck-centric charity like Truckers Against Trafficking, Meals for 18 Wheels, or

A simple thank you will put a smile on any trucker’s face and acknowledge the multiple contributions truckers make to keep America moving. A simple show of appreciation is easy to take beyond National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and will let truck drivers know just how much their hard work to keep America stocked means to you.
Want to show your drivers even more appreciation beyond National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? Set up a simple way to pay for lumpers with Relay to keep you moving. The digital payment platform gets drivers off the dock faster, eliminates late-night calls, and gets them reimbursed quicker and every time. Get started here.

From all of us at Relay, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the 3.5 million truck drivers across the country. We salute you!