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How Old Dominion automated and streamlined payments

As one of the leading Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in North America, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. (ODFL) is constantly looking for ways to improve its offerings and service to its customers. 

“We strive to deliver best-in-class customer service and are always looking at ways technology can improve our offerings. Working with Relay Payments has allowed us to remove tedious and manual steps throughout the payment process and modernize the way we do business with our customers.” Todd Polen, VP Pricing Services.

Old Dominion’s core mission is to provide the best-in-class customer service across its nationwide terminals and fleet of 10,000+ drivers. Driven by customer service and building long-term business partnerships, Old Dominion is always looking for new technologies to help modernize the business. 

Old Dominion’s forward-thinking approach to customer service and its focus on standing out in a competitive marketplace led to conversations with Relay Payments in a bid to find a solution that would improve payment inefficiencies and future-proof the payment process well beyond COVID-19. After researching several options, Old Dominion selected Relay and its technology solution created specifically for the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries to streamline the end-to-end lumper fee payment process

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During 2020, Old Dominion and Relay worked closely to develop and implement a custom application leveraging data integrations and custom payment workflows for Old Dominion’s split load needs.

Relay co-founder and President Spencer Barkoff led the partnership. “Our goal was to design an end-to-end solution, which eliminated the use of paper-based payments and introduced operational efficiencies and increased revenue for the organization,” he said. 

Relay’s digital payment solution yielded an immediate return on their investment by simply moving away from cash and checks and switching to a digital payment solution. “We have entrusted Relay to process millions of dollars in volume annually, and we’ve already been able to realize millions in savings through data integration, digitalization of receipts, and simplified reimbursements,” said Todd Polen, ODFL VP of Pricing Services. 

Finally, the streamlining of the payment process also improved customer satisfaction throughout the supply chain. “On top of it all, our customers are happier than ever, which is the most important to us,” Polen continued. And in the end, that is what is going to keep America’s supply chain running.

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