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Get your rig ready for International Roadcheck

Commercial vehicle inspectors in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will conduct North American Standard Inspections May 17-19 of CVs and drivers at weigh stations, at temporary inspection sites and on roving patrols. The focus of CVSA’s International Roadcheck this year will be on wheel ends.

Wheel end components are critical for braking, of course, but also for maintaining stability and control, especially under heavy loads.

Keeping up with maintenance of your rig is always a good idea, and International Roadcheck helps to provide additional urgency. If inspectors identify out-of-service violations, the driver or commercial vehicle will be restricted from travel until those conditions are addressed.

But on the bright side, rigs that pass the inspection will receive a CVSA decal—for a three-month pass from re-inspections. During those next three months, inspectors will focus their efforts on vehicles without CVSA decals.

One small fleet owner told us: "It’s a good time to do some spring cleaning and hold a spring safety meeting. USDOT and the state patrol are going to be looking especially for dirty trucks, speeding trucks and improperly displayed decals as indicators something else might be wrong during this year’s Roadcheck."

Click here for CVSA’s handy inspection cheatsheet.