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Customer Spotlight: VV Logistics

Founded in 2013, VV Logistics Solutions specializes in the transportation of refrigerated loads throughout the United States. The Chicago-based carrier operates terminals in major ports and cities and has developed a stellar reputation hauling anything from fresh produce to industrial machinery.

VV Logistics’ fleet of 100+ trucks delivers to a variety of clients and customers that include La Victoria, Fresherized Foods, Wholly Guacamole, and Del Fuerte.

The solution Relay has provided has benefitted so many at our company from accounting to drivers – we’re really happy!”

Raul Sanchez, VV Logistics Fleet Manager

The Problem

VV Logistics prides itself on honest, reliable and excellent customer service, treating each customer and freight haul with the highest level of personal attention, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Before partnering with Relay, however, the company had to contend with the consequences of lost receipts along with the fact warehouse offices would routinely run out of ink, paper, and patience with stressed-out drivers.

In addition, their customers’ short receipt reimbursement windows put constant pressure on the accounting and operations departments to reconcile these payments – which often led to backlogs that produced further delays.

“Missing and late receipts caused so much grief, and the guilt our drivers felt was unsatisfactory, we knew there had to be a better solution out there.”

The Solution

Relay’s digital payment system allowed VV Logistics to track its payment reconciliation processes. When a driver has to use a lumper service to unload the truck, the driver pays the lumper fees and then submits the receipt to get reimbursed.

When VV Logistics decided to implement Relay’s digital payment system, its drivers no longer had to deal with lost or missing lumper receipts because they now had a digital record of each transaction. This also helped facilitate simpler and faster reimbursements from brokers and shippers because Relay emails copies of receipts directly, which takes pressure off drivers.

“The stress of lost/late receipts washed away in the first few days of using Relay – the fact that we don’t have to chase them down anymore has saved a lot of aggravation.”

The Results

Since partnering with Relay in August 2021, the company’s processes have improved dramatically. It no longer has to wait for verification and approval processes associated with cash, checks, and money codes. Drivers make instant payments and get off the dock quickly and onto their next delivery.

VW Logistics has saved more than $44,000 over the past year thanks to Relay. 

“Relay has helped us improve our overall process – the instant receipts are a gift. Drivers are less stressed and Accounting is happy they can get the receipts emailed directly. The fact that we can send these codes ahead of deliveries is a huge plus as well – I know we all appreciate getting our evenings and weekends back.”

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