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Customer Spotlight: Redwood Logistics

Another customer success story in the books! Check out our most recent case study with the successful 3PL company, Redwood Logistics.

Redwood Logistics increases efficiency and decreases fraud with Relay

Founded in 2001, Redwood Logistics has been successfully connecting customers and their shipments with carriers and trucks that can haul them for more than 20 years. With locations across the country and around 8 main hubs, the thriving 3PL business has grown to a whopping 1,000 employees to date.

The Problem

Maintaining efficient operations across a growing business is the name of the game in this industry, but, when cash and complicated Comchecks slow down the process, everyone suffers. 

“I can't tell you how much time we wasted chasing down paper receipts. There are a lot of departments that are affected by having to chase down paperwork."
—Alex Hernandez, Director of Tracking at Redwood

In addition to late-night phone calls, code reissues, and hours of receipt hunting, there was a second primary issue that needed solving for. When we asked the team whether or not fraud was something they encountered, Hernandez's answer was clear.

“Scams are a real thing. That’s a big one for us."

Before Relay:

  • Bulky Comdata payment codes that lacked flexibility

  • Long wait times for receipts

  • Susceptibility to fraud

  • Inefficient payment processes that resulted in delays

  • Complicated technology that lacked user-friendly interfaces

  • Long customer service calls and wait times

The Solution

Thanks to Relay’s intuitive system, easy-to-use payment codes, instant receipts, and automations, Redwood Logistics has been able to save time on a daily basis across multiple departments.

“It's the one piece of technology that actually makes your job easier.”

—Thomas Cribari, Tracking Operations Supervisor

“Even just 30 seconds saved—25 times a day, X times a week—that adds up! The lumper receipts being in there instantaneously has been incredible.”
—Alex Hernandez, Director of Tracking

Additionally, the secure nature of Relay codes allows Redwood to set specific spend and location parameters for each code. This means that in addition to the flexibility of entering an up-to amount (as opposed to the specific lumper total), they can still rest assured that any leftover spend will be credited back to their account, rather than go unaccounted for. Not to mention, their team can easily restrict a code to a specific location for easy tracking and security.

“You feel comfortable knowing that the code can only be used at this facility. It has really, really fixed a fraud problem for us.” 
—Thomas Cribari, Tracking Operations Supervisor

With Relay:

  • Easy “no one can mess that up” payment codes

  • Instant digital receipts—no more tracking them down

  • Fast implementation and instant deployment across drivers

  • Fraud-free, location-specific codes

  • Efficient, streamlined payment processing

  • Unmatched customer service and solutions speed

Relay has not only helped Redwood Logistics tighten up their payment process, bring a new level of security to their operations, and save countless hours in back-office operations, but we’ve provided a simple, streamlined platform to get it all done smoothly.

“We’ve been using Relay for 1 year, and only had to make one call to customer service. It states how well the product is working—we're not running into issues. It’s the one technology you see and say, ‘Wow, this is actually good. This is solid.’”
—Thomas Cribari, Tracking Operations Supervisor

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