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Customer Spotlight: Ooh-Rah Transport

At Relay, we strive to build lasting connections and partnerships with our customers – and we like to showcase that in our Customer Spotlight series. Next up is Ooh-Rah Transport.

“I am living proof that you can get the man out of the military but not get the military out of the man,” says Kevin Rasmussen, who named his trucking company after the marine battle cry, ‘OOH RAH.’ Ooh-Rah Transport started in 2018 as a one-person operation and has since grown to a team of three, based in Clearwater, FL – and he is presently looking for drivers to expand his business.

Company: Ooh-Rah Transport
Contact: Kevin Rasmussen, Owner
Location: Clearwater, FL
Fleet size: 2 tractors and 2 trailers

How do you see the values of Ooh-Rah and Relay align? 
Time is money, and Relay helps us save both.

What were some of the challenges associated with the lumper fee payment process before using Relay?
I first heard about Relay through delivery to consignees using it. We’d never heard of it before, but as we became more familiar with it and ran into it at more and more warehouses, we learned Relay was a simple and more efficient way to pay lumper fees.

Were there any surprising takeaways from using Relay? 
Lumper receipts are immediate. Payment is immediate. No more waiting for check codes, etc. You can implement and use Relay all hours of the day, and you don’t have to wait for “after-hours” support to answer the phone. And the implementation process was so simple!

What are the apparent benefits of using Relay?  
As TIME is money, that is where the savings come in. LESS TIME = LESS EXPENSE. At Ooh-Rah Transport, we’ve learned that there is always a way to evolve. Technology is a marvelous thing. One does NOT want to be too old or rigid not to use modern-day tools to improve processes. 

The Relay team has succeeded in doing this and more. We love using it. Keep pushing it – thank you for saving us time because time is money! 

Thank you, Ooh-Rah Transport, for chatting with us, and keep on trucking!

Would you like to simplify your payment process as Ooh-Rah Transport did? Give us a call or schedule a demo to get you started.