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Customer Spotlight: Bayview Flowers

Introducing the Relay Blog Customer Spotlight! At Relay, we strive to build lasting connections and partnerships with our customers – and we want to showcase that! 

Kicking off our customer spotlight series is Bayview Flowers. Bayview has been growing, trading, and distributing flowers throughout North America for several decades. In June 2020, it implemented Relay as a payments solution to pay lumpers after a warehouse they delivered to recommended it. We spoke to Bayview’s Logistics Coordinator, Peggy Cote, about how using Relay has positively impacted their business. 

Company: Bayview Flowers
Contact: Peggy Cote, Logistics Coordinator
Location: Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada
Fleet size: 17 reefer trucks

What were some of the challenges associated with your lumper fee process before using Relay?
Drivers had to carry cash or pay with a check. Paying with checks meant they had to call for a check number and there was confusion around how to fill it out; calling for a check also impacts how fast the driver can get their paperwork and leave. 

Can you describe the reason you decided to implement Relay?    
Ease of use. It keeps the office staff at their desks – eliminating trips to the bank to get cash for the drivers. It was incredibly easy to roll out to our dispatch team and drivers. Our favorite part about using Relay is its simplicity; it is easy to set up and easy to manage lumper receipts.

What benefits or return-on-investment have you seen to date? 
Drivers have less waiting time, so they are more productive and are able to get to their backhauls faster. Previously, once a driver received the total for the lumper fees, they would have to call for a check and then wait for the lumper to process the payment. This could take up to a couple of hours. It also means drivers do not need to carry cash, and we receive a lumper receipt immediately. 

The dispatch team no longer gets after-hours calls from drivers requiring money for lumper fees, and our office staff no longer have to go to the bank to ensure the driver has cash on hand to pay for lumpers. Relay is much easier and secure to use than checks.

How do you see the values of Bayview and Relay align? 
We both operate to deliver industry-leading products, great customer service, and to make freight run smooth and seamless. 

Thanks to Bayview for chatting with us and keep on trucking!

Would you like to simplify your payment process like Bayview Flowers did? Give us a call or schedule a demo to get you started.

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