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Choosing a logistics tech partner  

Select One Who Treats You Like A Partner

To succeed these days, carriers, freight brokers, owner operators and shippers alike have to realize that they’re not just in the logistics business anymore. Working in logistics also means working in technology. This pivot into the technology business also puts many logistics professionals in the relationship business — which makes the technology companies they choose to partner with just as important as the software and solutions those companies promote.

This makes sense. After all, software solutions and apps are built and supported by humans, which makes them imperfect by definition. As a carrier, broker, owner operator or shipper, it’s crucial that you run your business as profitably and efficiently as possible – and just as crucial to take a close look at the people who develop and support the tools you need to succeed. 

Relay Payments works with many technology vendors in order to run our business efficiently and seamless as possible. The same rules apply when we assess tech companies. It’s important we partner with companies who understand our challenges, our aspirations and what success means to us. 

Below we have shared three important considerations we assess when choosing new tech partners in the hope it may help guide you: 

Assess the company culture

Once you’ve identified the core features and benefits you need, start by reading onlines reviews of their product or app. How do others rate it?  Has the company won awards for its innovation?  What has the media said about the company and its products? What type of culture does it foster?

You can ask to talk to a few of their current users. If a company rep can’t (or won’t) share names, consider that the dead giveaway you need to take your business elsewhere.

True technology partners should be every bit as committed to your success as their own. That starts with a willingness to answer your questions and solve your problems. After all, it goes without saying that logistics is a problem-solving business — and there will always be new and better ways to solve those problems.

Consider the company’s history and priorities

Obviously, great logistics technology companies have great tech teams. But you should make sure they put your company and your challenges first. Someone you can count on to solve your real-world logistics problems while remaining stable and well-financed. Just exercise caution and remember that when money comes first at any company, customers often come last.

How can you figure out the difference? Ask your prospective technology partners to tell you a little about their organizations. Make sure they tell you about their origins, current priorities and future plans. The responses you get can tell you a lot — and not necessarily for the better.

Ask questions 

You may know who to ask and have an idea of what answers to look for, but if you need specific answers to specific questions, try reaching out to your prospective tech partners’ existing customers with the queries below as a starting point. 

  • How easily can I contact a company’s reps if I need help?
  • Does this company offer support 24/7/365?
  • Does company leadership actually listen to your suggestions?
  • How often do company leaders incorporate users’ suggestions into their updates and upgrades?
  • Do support teams follow up afterwards when you report problems and issues?
  • How user-friendly is the company’s tech stack?
  • Is the tech equally easy to use on desktop and mobile?
  • How well does the app integrate with the other apps and platforms used to run the business?

These questions should lead you to another critical one: How friendly and enthusiastic are the company’s reps and customer support teams? After all, the logistics business has enough daily headaches – and your technology partners’ staffers shouldn’t be among them. 

Choosing knowledgeable and dedicated tech partners with genuinely helpful attitudes can be nearly as important to your success as the solutions you’re seeking.

Want to know what Relay Payments’ customers think of us? 

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