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5 ways to deliver 5-star customer service for truckers

There’s a trucker shortage. Demand for drivers is at an all time high. Retaining drivers is crucial.  And everyone talks about the importance of customer service and p...

How truckers are driving technology forward

Truck driver shortage and retention are hot-button topics in the trucking industry right now. Especially considering how essential the sector is to keeping America well-sto...

How do we make every week truck driver appreciation week?

Happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week! Every year, we dedicate a week to pay homa...

Trucking Through the Lens of a Pandemic – What Stuck?

Although we are not out of the woods yet, some of the practices adopted during the global pandemic will remain – and in many instances, that’s a good thing! Learn about COV...

Why Visibility In Logistics Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

In the logistics and supply chain marketplace where processes are being modernized rapidly, one of the important factors for success is shipment visibility. 

What Is a Lumper and Lumper Payment?

Unless you’re deeply involved in the trucking industry, you probably have little idea of what a lumper is and why they are needed.

Customer Spotlight: Bayview Flowers

Introducing the Relay Blog Customer Spotlight! At Relay, we strive to build lasting connections and partnerships with our customers – and we want to showcase that! ...

Returning to a Face-to-Face Workspace

As part of Fortune’s coverage on back-to-work policies post-COVID, their weekly newsletter Worksheet focuses on how people are working smarter in these transitional times.&...

3 Ways Brokers Are Benefiting From Digital Payments

The  logistics and supply chain industry has been deeply impacted and transformed over the past year due to the pandemic and surge in global consumer demand. To ke...

How Old Dominion Automated and Streamlined Payments

As one of the leading Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in North America, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. (ODFL) is constantly looking for ways to improve its offering...

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