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5 Ways Digital Payments Are Saving Truckers Time

Advancements in technology have allowed for significant contributions to the trucking and logistics industries over the years. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) made it easier to monitor drive hours and improve driver safety, transportation management systems (TMS) enable greater control and optimization of fleet operations across the country, and more. 

Among these innovations, the use of digital payments for fuel and related purchases stands out as a critical tool helping the 3.8 million truckers moving goods across the US every day. But in addition to key benefits of digital fuel payments such as increased efficiency and reduced fraud risk, they can also save drivers substantial time – which, we all know, in trucking means money. Read on to learn about five time-saving benefits of digital payment apps.

Instant driver enablement

For decades, trucking fleets of all sizes have relied on fleet fuel cards and checks to manage fuel payments and leverage discounts. These methods required drivers to have a physical card or check on hand to make the payment, which meant the carrier or owner needed to manage multiple user accounts and get the cards or checks into the hands of drivers, whether by mail, pick-up or delivering the cards themselves.

A digital payment app like Relay Payments is downloaded straight to the driver’s phone. Their account can be set up and activated in moments from anywhere, and they’re ready to go. This lets drivers onboard faster and start working without needing to wait to receive a fuel card or arrange for alternative payment, such as using their own credit card.

Quicker turnaround at warehouses

The time spent on warehouse docks after goods have been unloaded waiting for lumper payments to be authorized and processed can be costly and frustrating for truck drivers. In fact, depending on the route and time, and their hours of service, a long wait can make all the difference in staying on schedule. 

Digital payments eliminate these wait times by enabling drivers to initiate secure payments instantly, without the need for time-consuming phone calls or manual approval processes. The efficiency gained from swift transactions for lumper fees translate to more time on the road, enhancing the overall workflow and helping drivers meet deadlines with greater ease.

Consolidated OTR payments

Digital payment systems designed for trucking can bring the same security and efficiencies drivers enjoy with fuel payments to other over-the-road expenses. Digital platforms like Relay’s let drivers conveniently manage most of their payments on a single platform, from fuel and lumper fees to parking and purchases at truck stops. This consolidation simplifies the financial side of trucking, letting drivers keep track of expenditures with less effort and greater efficiency. 

Preauthorized, instant payments

Digital payments can be managed directly and in real time by carriers and owners, meaning that drivers don’t need to spend time requesting approvals for planned spends. Instead, they can plot their routes and fuel stops and know they are ready to fuel up and keep moving. More and more truck stops are being set up to receive digital payments directly at the pump, even eliminating the time spent waiting in line to pay for fuel. This seamless process eradicates unnecessary delays and allows truckers to focus on the road and their schedule.

Automatic expense tracking

Another time-saving benefit of digital payments for truckers is automatic receipts and expense tracking. With traditional payment methods, drivers often have to keep and organize physical receipts, and submit expense records. This can be a time-consuming process and prone to lost amounts or inaccurate reimbursements. Digital payment solutions automatically generate sharable receipts and track expenses in one centralized location. This automation enhances efficiency and accuracy in record-keeping for both drivers and trucking companies.


In an industry where time is of the essence, leveraging technology smartly can be invaluable. Digital payment solutions designed specifically for the trucking industry not only mitigate fraud risks and streamline financial processes but also significantly save time and hassle for truck drivers. By eliminating wait times for approvals, getting drivers on the road quickly, and consolidating and automating OTR expenses, digital payments are transforming the way trucks manage their transactions – and their time – on the road. 


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