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Relay On the Road Again

January 10, 2022
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Relay On the Road Again

Trade shows are starting up for the new year, and here at Relay we are excited to get back out there to share our vision of modernized, instant payments connecting all comp...

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

The Relay blog launched in the last half of 2021 with the goal of sharing insights, customer stories, and industry news. Since then we have published over 30 posts spanning...

More than 600 Truck Drivers Join Relay Payments’ Driver Council

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5 Reasons To Appreciate Lumpers

There are plenty of misconceptions about lumpers, and most are about lumpers being a scam or even illegal. This isn’t true! One of the biggest misunderstandings about lumpe...

Customer Spotlight: Angie’s Transportation

At Relay, we strive to build lasting connections and partnerships with our customers – and we like to showcase that in our Customer Spotlight series. Next up is Angie’s...

Building Culture On the Move

Spotlight on Relay Payments CPO, Amy Zimmerman Since its inception, Relay Payments has benefited from ha...

Ask An Entrepreneur: The RELAY Way Framework for Innovation

Here at Relay, we are fortunate to have the brain trust of our “expert entrepreneurs” Ryan Droege, CEO and Co-Founder along with Spencer Barkoff, President and Co-Founder, ...

Southeastern Freight Lines Sees 61% Monthly Savings With Relay Payments

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5 Actions to Improve the Warehouse Experience

With the Holiday season fast approaching, warehouses are facing new and unprecedented challenges. Not only are shipping delays and supply chain disruptions adding additiona...

5 Strategies to Engage and Retain Drivers

Recruiting and retaining the right team members is tough – especially for the trucking industry. With an economy still recovering from a global pandemic and a deepening dri...

5 Ways to Deliver 5-Star Customer Service For Truckers

There’s a trucker shortage. Demand for drivers is at an all time high. Retaining drivers is crucial.  And everyone talks about the importance of customer service and p...

How Truckers Are Driving Technology Forward

Truck driver shortage and retention are hot-button topics in the trucking industry right now. Especially considering how essential the sector is to keeping America well-sto...

How Do We Make Every Week Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week! Every year, we dedicate a week to pay homa...

Trucking Through the Lens of a Pandemic – What Stuck?

Although we are not out of the woods yet, some of the practices adopted during the global pandemic will remain – and in many instances, that’s a good thing! Learn about COV...

Customer Spotlight: Ooh-Rah Transport

At Relay, we strive to build lasting connections and partnerships with our customers – and we like to showcase that in our Customer Spotlight series. Next up is Ooh-Rah...

Why Visibility In Logistics Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

In the logistics and supply chain marketplace where processes are being modernized rapidly, one of the important factors for success is shipment visibility. 

What Is a Lumper and Lumper Payment?

Customer Spotlight: Bayview Flowers

Introducing the Relay Blog Customer Spotlight! At Relay, we strive to build lasting connections and partnerships with our customers – and we want to showcase that! ...

Returning to a Face-to-Face Workspace

As part of Fortune’s coverage on back-to-work policies post-COVID, their weekly newsletter Worksheet focuses on how people are working smarter in these transitional times.&...

3 Ways Brokers Are Benefiting From Digital Payments

The  logistics and supply chain industry has been deeply impacted and transformed over the past year due to the pandemic and surge in global consumer demand. To ke...

How Old Dominion Automated and Streamlined Payments

As one of the leading Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in North America, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. (ODFL) is constantly looking for ways to improve its offering...

5 Reasons Why Checks and Cash Are Slowing You Down

The pandemic created unprecedented demand for cashless and touchless payments. Companies switched to digital options, drastically reducing cash and check usage due to t...

$43 Million Investment in Transportation Transformation

As the need for a secure, contactless payment solution became critical over the past year in light of COVID-19, Relay Payments experienced explosive growth. Relay’s digital...

Eclipse IA Partners With Relay Payments

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Relay Payments Invests in People-Focused Culture

Relay Payments Invests in Building a Values-Driven, People-Focused Culture, Spearheaded by Chief People Officer, Amy Zimmerman

VIDEO: Relay Payments On Midday Market Update

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ODFL Selects Relay Payments to Streamline Payments

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VIDEO: How Relay Is The Venmo For Trucking

Relay CEO Ryan Droege explains how the company is the ‘Venmo for carriers and brokers’ on Freightwaves What The Truck podcast

Relay Payments Raises $43 Million in New Funding

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