Automate all of your payment workflows seamlessly with the Turvo & Relay Integration

Relay and Turvo integrate to streamline payment workflows, allowing for swift and secure transactions from load delivery to payment completion.


Customers leveraging RelayDirect’s payment platform can automatically import their approved Turvo invoices for payment. Some of the benefits of the Relay & Turvo integration include:

  • The integration between Turvo and RelayDirect streamlines payment workflows, ensuring swift and secure transactions from load delivery to payment completion. This efficiency saves time and resources for the broker, allowing them to focus on core operations and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Turvo's cloud-powered TMS system provides end-to-end communication and analytics solutions, allowing the broker to gain valuable insights into their operations. By integrating with RelayDirect for payment execution, the broker can further enhance efficiency by having all essential processes consolidated in one platform.
  • The integration enables brokers to instantly and securely pay carriers while enjoying the flexibility to set customized payment terms. This feature, coupled with the ability to maximize revenue through Quickpay options, empowers brokers to better manage their cash flow and financial obligations.
  • By providing seamless and timely payments through the integrated platform, brokers can increase loyalty among preferred carriers. Offering transparent payment processes and ensuring that carriers are paid promptly fosters trust and strengthens relationships, ultimately leading to more reliable service and better partnerships in the long run


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