Solid Rock Carriers uses Relay Payments for secure fuel payments
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Working with Relay Payments eliminates card skimming fraud for Solid Rock Carriers

After a significant rise in fuel card fraud, Solid Rock switched to Relay's all-digital solution for secure, reliable over-the-road payments

ATLANTA – Feb. 29th, 2024 – Relay Payments, the fintech company modernizing payments for the trucking and logistics industries, is now the payments solution for all of Solid Rock Carriers’ over-the-road payments, including fuel and unloading. The North Carolina-based carrier delivers refrigerated goods through the southeast and previously experienced significant issues with fuel card fraud.

"Fuel card fraud was a major issue for us, with instances of card skimming happening at a high rate," said Tonya Tyson-Morrison, Finance Director for Solid Rock. "In a single day, we were hit with $27,000 worth of fuel fraud.” 

At the same time, the company struggled with late-night calls coming in to authorize fleet checks for unloading fees. These issues and disruptions meant wasted time, stranded drivers, and frustrated accounting teams at Solid Rock.

While Solid Rock was luckier than many carriers and managed to recoup the lost funds from fuel fraud, the time and effort spent by office staff disputing charges and addressing the fallout was adding up. When a compromised card was canceled, Solid Rock issued fuel checks, further complicating the management of fuel expenses and creating a poor experience for drivers. They signed up for a 30-day trial to use Relay for fuel and unloading payments in an effort to improve these processes for their fleet.

During the trial period, Solid Rock requested a specific reporting configuration to align with their backend processes, and Relay delivered. The comprehensive reporting alongside real-time visibility into fuel and unloading purchases enabled Solid Rock to manage fleet expenses with greater efficiency than before – and ensured card skimming was no longer a problem.

“Relay has saved us time and money. When you calculate everyone’s time saved, that in itself is of huge value because we’re not having to spend time researching charges, answering the phone in the middle of the night, or stopping in the middle of the day to issue a check. Everything is running smoothly,” added Tyson-Morrison.

“Fleets large and small are now increasingly using Relay to manage their over-the-road expenses,” said Relay’s co-founder Spencer Barkoff. “Beyond our payment network, we offer 24/7, U.S.-based customer service to ensure carriers are getting everything they need for accounting teams and drivers. We’re grateful for our partnership with Solid Rock, and we’re happy they’re saving time and money!”

Relay introduced its modern digital payment solution in 2019. Fleets rapidly adopted the platform, foregoing archaic payment methods like cash, checks, and fleet cards, and gaining increased hours of service and supply chain efficiencies. Relay’s payment network has continued to expand, allowing fleets to make fast and secure fuel, lumper, parking, scales, and other over-the-road payments across the country. Relay is trusted by 350,000+ drivers, 90,000+ carriers, and over 1,500 truckstops.

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Relay Payments is building a modern digital payment network to revolutionize the trucking and logistics industries. Trusted by more than 350,000 drivers, 90,000 carriers and 1,500 truckstops nationwide, Relay has brought efficiency and automation to an industry historically reliant on cash, checks and cards. Relay has joined forces with industry leaders like Pilot Company, AMBEST, Schneider, Coyote Logistics, Lineage Logistics, and others to provide secure, reliable over-the-road transactions. Founded in 2019, the Atlanta-based fintech includes more than 150 team members and has won awards for product innovation, customer service, and organizational culture. For more information about Relay, visit