Travis Trucking partners with Relay Payments
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Travis Trucking partners with Relay Payments to save drivers 'time, money and a whole lot of hassle'

Refrigerated trucking company saves thousands of dollars each month by automating its over-the-road payments

ATLANTA, Dec. 7, 2022 -- Relay Payments, the fintech company modernizing payments for the supply chain, logistics, and trucking industries, is announcing increased driver satisfaction from refrigerated trucking customer Travis Trucking. Serving as the primary carrier for a Tennessee-based meat processor, Travis operates a fleet of 55 reefers that delivers food to grocery chains and restaurants throughout the United States. After adopting Relay's instant, secure and contactless payments technology, Travis reports saving tens of thousands of dollars each month thanks to faster turnaround times on docks and guaranteed reimbursements. 

"The best thing about using Relay is our drivers are able to get back on the road faster," said Donald Hickman, driver manager for Travis. "We schedule deliveries late at night or early in the mornings, and before we started using Relay, drivers would wait hours for authorization codes to pay lumpers. Because our loads have multiple stops, we lose time and money each time we get stuck on docks. Relay's solution makes it easier to get in and out of warehouses so drivers can get to their next load."

Travis Trucking currently uses Relay's technology to make more than 150 payments each month, saving drivers hundreds of hours collectively. Shorter dwell times on docks provide additional cost savings and new revenue opportunities for Travis as well. Because they haul refrigerated goods, drivers must keep their trucks running, using up diesel fuel to ensure their loads remain cold. More efficient unloading translates to cost savings on fuel, while also allowing dispatchers to schedule additional loads to boost the company's overall revenue.

"An added benefit is on the backend," notes Hickman. "We get receipts instantaneously so we can ensure reimbursement and improve our cash flow. Relay saves us time, money and a whole lot of hassle."

Founded in 2019 by Ryan Droege and Spencer Barkoff, Relay's digital payment network is accepted at virtually every warehouse throughout the country, making Relay a seamless and convenient option for the logistics industry.

"Our partnership with Travis Trucking is the perfect example of Relay's core mission and commitment to the trucking industry," said co-founder Spencer Barkoff. "We always believed that we could make drivers' lives a little easier and streamline major parts of the supply chain. It's stories like Travis Trucking and their improved driver experiences that keep us going."

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About Relay Payments

Founded in 2019, Relay Payments is an Atlanta-based, venture-backed fintech company building a digital payment network in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. Trusted by more than 300,000 carriers and drivers, Relay is spearheading the modernization of payments in an industry historically reliant on cash and checks to conduct business. Relay has joined forces with industry giants like Coyote Logistics, JB Hunt, Old Dominion Freight Lines, and others to streamline their payment process and optimize operations to get consumer products to shelves quickly.

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