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Relay named as one of the FreightTech 100 award winners

Relay Payments, the fintech company that modernizes payments for the supply chain, logistics and trucking industries, is being recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the freight industry with its debut onto the 2023 FreightTech 100 List.

FreightWaves, the most trusted source of global supply chain intelligence, unveiled the top 100 FreightTech companies after receiving more than 1,500 nominations. The award identifies the companies that are the “best and brightest” not just in the global supply chain, but those who positively impact the global economy as a whole.

“This award is a huge testament to the hard work and dedication of Relay’s team, now 150 employees strong,” said co-founder and CEO Ryan Droege. “We’re focused on delivering outsized value to the trucking industry through technology that increases efficiency and saves money, time and stress for everyone. To be recognized on this list, amongst all these industry giants, is extremely validating, and while we’ll take a moment to celebrate, we’re also going to keep our heads down and continue to do all we can to drive the industry forward.”

In only a few years of operation, Relay has grown to become a force in the global supply chain and trucking industries. The Atlanta-based company was founded in 2019 by Droege and Spencer Barkoff to help digitally transform the trucking industry and make drivers’ lives easier.

Relay’s first product set out to solve the pesky and prolonged problem of unloading at warehouses, where drivers could wait for hours for approvals on cash or check payments. This reliance on cash and paper checks was fraught with inefficiencies, and Relay stepped in to introduce an entirely digital, secure and contactless payment network. Relay’s app was quickly adopted, and truckers fell in love with the technology, which vastly simplified their process and, as a result, increased earning potential for all parties.

Today, more than 250,000 truckers use Relay’s payments app and almost every warehouse participates in its payment network.

“Our growth is meaningful only because it shows how we’re making an impact in the freight industry and positively affecting truckers’ lives,” said Barkoff. “It’s also gratifying to see so many of our customers on this list, which highlights how we’re all working together to bring innovation to the supply chain. Relay is proud to work with 25 other innovative companies on the FreightTech 100 including some of the largest carriers and freight brokers in the country.”

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