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Pilot teams with Relay Payments to combat fuel skimming problems

Earlier this year, drivers for a small western Michigan trucking company began having problems sometimes when they tried to fuel up. They'd stop, say in Indiana, to refuel only to find their fuel card had been turned off because it had been used the day before in Texas, despite the driver not having been in that state.

Amanda Corlew, human resources and safety manager for TransWay, Inc. in Holland, Michigan said 20 of the company's 50 drivers had such problems at the pump. She said it turns out that those drivers were victims of a growing problem for truckers and others: fuel pump skimming, which occurs when a device is surreptitiously installed on a pump and the user's card number is captured and used illegally.

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There's peace of mind for us, knowing there's not a fuel card that's going to be skimmed. They're not going to lose their card. They're not going to misplace their card. They always have the app on their phone and we can see everything that they're doing in real time. If we log into Relay's online account, the nice thing is we're still getting our bill direct from Pilot Flying J just like we did before. And the drivers are still getting all of their fuel points that they're earning..."
Amanda Corlew, TransWay, Inc