Case Study: K. M. Payton Trucking

A second-generation, family-owned business, K M Payton Trucking operates out of Tehachapi, California, specializing in LTL shipping of fresh and frozen food. The owner takes great pride in the company’s reputation for excellent service, and expects the same from his vendors. “Because our customers are like family, service is top notch!”

Photo courtesy of KM Payton Trucking.

“Relay changes the game. The web page is clear and simple to use. It’s all in one place. And such amazing customer service. It feels very personal with Relay.”

Mike Payton, owner – KM Payton Trucking

The Problem

As a small fleet owner, Mike Payton was frustrated with the complicated systems and impersonal service provided by a large competitor of Relay’s.  He didn’t want to go back to cutting checks for his drivers to use paying lumpers and advancing cash to cover other expenses on the road, but he was fed up with the hassle and wasted time that came with the corporate payment company he had contracted. 

In addition, K M Payton unfortunately had been victimized in the past by contractors and Mike wanted better security solutions for protection against fraud and misuse of funds.

The Solution

With Relay’s digital payment solutions and RelayGo expense cards for their drivers, K M Payton is saving time and money. Drivers directly pay lumpers and over-the-road expenses. Mike can limit driver expenses, easily track payments as they are made, and automatically receives a copy of all receipts via email.  It’s easy and it’s all in one place. And with drivers now using the RelayGo cards, K M Payton is a lot less vulnerable to misuse of funds and fraud.

The Results

The simplicity of Relay’s digital solutions is making life easier for Mike: “I don’t have time to cut separate codes for everything. Relay’s multi-use code solved my problems.” Mike estimates that K M Payton has saved $4,000 in the first 10 months using Relay Payments. That doesn’t even count loss prevention. “We are saving 100% of the money not disappearing into unauthorized uses. And we are keeping 100% of our sanity avoiding frustrations in daily accounting.”

For Mike’s drivers, RelayGo means less waiting around for payments to be authorized and processed. 

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