Case Study: Daggett Truck Line

Daggett Truck Line is a family-owned business operating out of Frazee, MN, with nearly 70 trucks delivering refrigerated goods over-the-road. Erik Anderson brought business leadership skills but no direct experience in freight hauling when he “married into the business.” Encountering cumbersome processes—like the need for issuing authorization codes for Daggett’s drivers to make payments on the road—he looked for new and innovative solutions to speed things up. 

Also, like so many trucking businesses, Daggett’s growth has been hampered by the driver shortage. Anderson is continually looking for a competitive edge to hire and retain drivers.

The Problem

Issuing a money code is a “clunky process,” Erik says. It typically takes 20 minutes or more. Meanwhile, everyone is getting frustrated—the driver, the Daggett back office, and the payee—especially if all this is happening  late at night (or very early in the morning).

“Nobody likes to be woken up at 3 a.m. to answer the phone and issue a money code.”

Erik Anderson, General Manager, Daggett Truck Line

The Solution

Relay provided a secure, digital way to pay lumper fees. And all drivers are now issued a RelayGo card. “It has meant a lot of freedom for us and given the drivers the ability to pay for things on the road, such as truck washes, repairs, tires or coolant,” Erik says. “They don’t have to pay themselves and submit for reimbursement.”

“Relay Empowers drivers to take care of their own payments.”

Erik Anderson, General Manager, Daggett Truck Line

The Results

Daggett Truck Line has saved more than $56,000 since switching to Relay Payments in September 2021, and the savings continue to accumulate. RelayGo is now a big part of this success story. The RelayGo card and app are saving time and reducing aggravation for Daggett’s drivers.   

Nobody wants to call dispatch at 2 a.m.  It’s been a time saver and meant peace of mind too for our drivers.”

Erik Anderson, General Manager, Daggett Truck Line

Download the full case study here (PDF).

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