Case Study: Bayview Flowers

Bayview Flowers specializes in growing plants and floral trading, operating almost 340,000 square feet of greenhouses, and distributing potted plants and fresh flowers across Canada and the United States. Established in 1948 and located in Jordan Station, Ontario (Canada), the company has continued to grow over the past 70 years and now operates 17 reefer trucks to support its distribution. 

“Relay has saved us 100+ hours from being woken up or chasing drivers for lumper receipts.”

Peggy Cote, Logistics Coordinator

The Problem

For years, Bayview Flowers relied on cash and checks as the main payment source for its drivers’ over-the-road expenses, including lumper payments. But filling out checks caused drivers confusion, which meant the logistics coordinator spent hours on the phone trying to fix problems. To solve this issue, Bayview would often just hand drivers cash for over-the-road payments, which raised concerns among drivers because of the risk of carrying cash as well as time-wasting trips to the bank. 

The other problem for Bayview was the delay drivers faced when paying with cash or checks, stemming from drivers not knowing how to fill out a fleet check correctly and then having to make back and forth calls to verify the express codes. This problem contributed to long wait times for drivers at warehouse facilities when unloading the truck. 

The Solution

Bayview Logistics Coordinator Peggy Cote lists ‘continuous innovation’ as one of the company’s core values and that’s what lead her to discover Relay Payments. Looking for an easier way of making fast, secure, and digital payments, Bayview Flowers turned to Relay’s lumper solution and fleet expense card, RelayGo. By providing each of their drivers with a RelayGo card, Bayview was able to eliminate cash and checks from its payment process.

Issuing drivers their own card with easier tracking and flexible spend controls allowed Bayview to centrally manage all cards from within one platform. They are able to set spending limits, send emergency funds electronically, and easily track and report expenses.

“With Relay, there is no cash changing hands, reduced phone calls, and fewer lost receipts. Now our drivers are able to upload receipts through the Relay app. It streamlines everything,” says Peggy Cote, Logistics Coordinator. 

The Results

The results have been instant for Bayview. Relay has saved the company 100+ hours in back-office labor thanks to automated receipts, no longer having to submit fleet checks, and because of better tracking and control on driver expenses.

Cote says the dollar savings to the business since implementing Relay nine months ago is around $10,000.

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