Privacy Data Subject Request

You have the right to request the following with respect to your personal information collected by Relay:

  • Additional explanation of the specific information Relay has about you and how Relay uses that information.
  • A copy of the information Relay has about you that was collected based on your consent or because it was collected to provide you with certain services.
  • Correction of your personal information.
  • Deletion of your personal information – Please note that Relay may retain certain information as required by law or for legitimate business purposes, if permitted by law.
  • Objection to certain use or processing of personal information.
  • To file a complaint about certain use of personal information.

To make any one of the above Requests, you may send an email to and provide the following information to aid in the process of responding to your request or you may fill in the form below:

  1. Your Name
  2. Address (optional)
  3. Affiliation to Relay (i.e. please identify whether you are an employee, customer, potential customer, or business partner)
  4. The specific Request (i.e. please identify one or more of the above Requests 1-6).

Relay will then verify your provided information matches with information in Relay’s database and verify your identity to complete your request.